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KOshowKO – In The Night (Jam With Me) – Live

The first in the series of producer interviews is a chat with ILYA SANTANA, who was instrumental to the warm reception of P.O.S’s first single in 2011, when his remix of the track ‘It Is Like That’ was released to a great critical acclaim. So without a further ado here is a chat with Ilya Santana!  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ […]

iOS Music apps are a lot of fun. Finally there’s immediacy while working with software, something what’s much harder to find in standalone music applications. I recently played with an app called Yellofier, co-designed by Boris Blank from the iconic Swiss electronic duo Yello. And below you can find a demo track created purely with […]

By Liam Abramson As musicians, we deal with conflict every day. Whether it is negotiating over contracts, booking musicians or simply sitting in a quartet rehearsal. How one manages this conflict is key to the building of relationships and development of further work opportunities. Some people regard conflict as negative. Others regard it as simple […]


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