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iUBAR is an award winning, Australian collaborative project led by Polish-born and Newcastle-based music producer – Martin Koszolko, known for his work on electronic and indie pop music acts such as KOshowKO and Philosophy of Sound. iubar’s main area of focus is story-driven ambient featuring field recordings, mobile technologies and created with a mix of analogue and digital instrumentation. Martin is also a sound researcher with a PhD in Remote Music Collaboration technologies.

The first iubar collaboration dates back to 2009, when Martin K’s high school friend from Poland – Jarek Binkowski recorded multiple electric guitar drones and riffs, giving birth to the first iubar sounds. These were later incorporated by Martin K in several iubar compositions alongside various synthesiser parts and effect processing.

Other collaborations include iubar and Modus Op’s joint effort titled ‘Untold’, which features excerpts from a private family conversation unearthing previously untold stories describing the hardship experienced during World War II. ‘Untold’ has been released on Clan Analogue recordings’ 50th music release ‘Coordinate: Collaboration Beyond the Algorithm’ which celebrated the label’s 25th anniversary and featured collaborations from Australian and overseas artists. Capitalising on his previous practice-led PhD research on remote music collaboration, Martin K was also one of the album’s co-producers.

In 2018, iubar project was featured as a remixer on Reuben Ingall and David Finnigan’s track ‘Bolted’ released on their EP ‘The Bolted Report’. In early 2019, iubar project released their collaborative single ‘Nowy’ – the product of remote music collaboration between musicians who had no face-to-face contact and were located on 2 continents and in 4 countries. The collaborative process took place in ‘the cloud’ with the use of the Blend platform, which facilitated the remixing and exchanges of musical ideas. Participants included Monochrome Echo from England, Brenden James from Australia and Aammiioo from Croatia. Included was also a remix created by iubar’s Martin K under his KOshowKO moniker.

In his live performances as iubar project, Martin K utilises touchscreen and mobile music making technologies as well as site-specific audience sampling techniques which he has developed throughout live performances in Poland and Australia.

In 2021, iubar project won two Best Music Awards. One in the Shoot 4 Earth Worldwide Film Competition and the second in the Global Short Film Awards in Cannes. Both for iubar’s music featured in the short film ‘Earth‘.

iubar project discography:

  • iubar project – ‘Survival Tactics‘, Las Maquinas, Australia 2022 – FORTHCOMING
  • iubar project – ‘Daylesford Naturalis: During Covid Lockdown #4‘, Las Maquinas, Australia 2022
  • iubar project – ‘Coda’ on Various Artists – ‘One Minute Compositions‘, AEMC Records, Netherlands 2021
  • iubar project – ‘Empathy in Action’ on Various Artists – ‘Distance: Sounds for an Empty Space, Clan Analogue, Australia 2020
  • iubar project – ‘Earth 2’ on Various Artists – ‘Ambient Online Themed Compilation 11: Mars‘, Ambient Online, USA 2020
  • iubar project – ‘Nowy’, Las Maquinas, Australia 2019
  • Reuben Ingall and David Finnigan – ‘The Bolted Report (Special Edition)’, Clan Analogue, Australia 2018 [remixed and produced ‘Bolted (iubar project ‘High Remix’)’ ]
  • iubar project vs Modus Op – ‘Untold’ on Various Artists – ‘Coordinate: Collaboration Beyond the Algorithm’, Clan Analogue, Australia 2017
  • iubar project – ‘America’ on Various Artists – ‘Noise is Anarchy’, Apptronica, USA 2016
  • iubar project – ‘America’ on Various Artists – ‘Fuck This Manifesto’, Dark Works, USA 2016
  • iubar project – ‘America’ on Various Artists – ‘No More Gun Violence, Vol. II’, No More Gun Violence, USA 2016
  • iubar project – ‘Above the Ground’, 4-4-2 Music, Australia 2012

iubar project links:

Facebook: facebook.com/iubarproject
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/iubar
Bandcamp: philosophyofsound.bandcamp.com
iubar project on Spotify
iubar project on Apple Music

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