“…Clever, catchy, dangerously original, well produced, and largely under the radar. Do not risk not knowing about this stuff.” (‘Anarchy Monarchy’ EP review – BEAT Magazine)

KOshowKO is the brainchild of Polish born, Melbourne based producer Martin K, also known for his releases under the Philosophy Of Sound moniker on Discotexas.

He started KOshowKO in 2004 and used it as a vehicle to collaborate with several artists and explore various shades of electronic music from dub to electronica and indie pop. KOshowKO has released tunes on Emerald And Doreen, Clan Analogue and Martin’s own label Las Machinas. The act has performed live across a variety of venues in Australia and at White Night, Renaissance Festival, Opoeia Festival, Electundra, St Kilda Festival, and played live in Germany and Poland.
The KOshowKO track ‘The Story’ was a finalist in The International Songwriting Competition in the Dance category in 2009 and his music videos have been screened around the globe in a selection of film and music video festivals. Martin K had the opportunity to work with such artists as Chicks On Speed, Severed Heads and B(if)tek.

In September 2010 Koshowko released the new EP titled ‘The Truth In Me’. This seminal release explores a variety of musical styles, from nu-disco, trough dub to abstract hip-hop. Among 3 instrumentals there are also 2 vocal tracks: ‘Lose What We Have’ – touching on the transient aspect of life and the pain associated with the loss of loved ones and ‘Promise – Part 3’ – containing lyrics inspired by the Leonard Cohen’s poem democracy. The EP also contains the Philosophy Of Sound remix of ‘Switched On’ and closes with a nu-disco mix of ‘The Truth In Me’.

Other releases by Koshowko include their debut single ‘Promise’ as well as material on several compilations incl. critically acclaimed ‘In Version: Dub Selections’. More of the Koshowko sound can be heard on their brilliant, collaborative effort ‘Switched On’, appearing as a duet on Winduptoys single and album ‘Double Exposure’.

You can also find Koshowko’s stunning remixes of Disco Stu and B(if)tek featured on a collectible three-disc set ‘Re Cognition: the Clan Analogue Legacy Collection’, as well as the promotional single ‘We Think You’re Dishy (Remix EP)’. Quoting the leading Australian newspaper ‘The Age’:‘this package is a must for fans and students of Australian electronic music alike’. Martin K has also produced a DVD package and documentary movie about the Clan Analogue collective called ‘Plug In & Switch On’. The DVD has been added as a bonus disc to the CD version of the ‘Re: Cognition’ album.

Other composition credits include the soundtrack for the award-winning documentary ‘Revolving Door’, shown on TV after making the rounds at various film festivals on four continents.

Martin K was also involved in a Podcast show called ‘Stanley vs Koshowko’ where presenters compete for the audience’s favourite record selector. It’s available for free on iTunes near you.

Recently KOshowKO released new material on a German label Enerald & Doreen. This includes the singles ‘Whispers (Remixes)‘ as well as ‘It’s Time Now‘ with extended and instrumental versions alongside some excellent remixes. KOshowKO tracks also appear on Enerald & Doreen’s vinyl compilation ‘100’ as well as on Emerald Waves Vol.1 and Mystery Tour – Jerry Bouthier Selects & Mixes Emerald & Doreen’s Catalogue.

Collaborators Koshowko have worked with include:

Remixes, recording, production:

Movie soundtracks, sound postproduction:

  • Revolving Door
  • Bowling For Zimbabwe
  • Whale