Dr Martin K. Koszolko is a Polish-born, Melbourne based sound producer and academic known for his creative work under the KOshowKO, Philosophy Of Sound and iubar project monikers.

Martin has extensive experience as a composer, music and video producer and performing musician and is the vice-president of Clan Analogue Recordings, the record label arm of Australia’s longest running electronic music collective. He has produced and contributed to over 50 releases on a number of labels, including Discotexas, Emerald & Doreen and Clan Analogue. His music performances utilise mobile and interactive technologies and have been seen by international audiences.

Martin’s academic research explores various aspects of computer sound production, including mobile music making and interactivity in electronic music performance. His practice-led PhD project investigated the impact of remote music collaboration software on music production. He has been teaching sound production and other music industry-related disciplines at Melbourne Polytechnic and RMIT University.

Academic Publications available at:

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