Fun times at the Liberty Social (plus new interview links)

It was one of those gigs last night where the band is rocking, the crowd is loving it, everyone’s dancing and cheering, you lift and lift and off everyone goes on a voyage of love, indie dance and good times. Even the temperamental drum machine was in a good mood, and we found a nice acid house style lead patch for the synth.

Played amongst a post punk indie rock band (Dark Arts) – (thanks for lending us the drum stick guys!), a dubstep duo with MPC’s doing some flying lotus style stuff (Willow Beats), a heavily textured 5 piece with violin, electronic and rock instruments (Tantrums), and Dj’s (New York Cats, Victory Team, Bo!kot) spinning a bunch of different styles, culminating in us leaving to a guy that seemed to be playing anything goes acid house crossed with so many other dance genres. Culture clash is back! Thank goodness the rules of what a party should be and music should be are out the window. Crowd was the most diverse we have seen in a long time, yet super friendly. This is where things get interesting. Get amongst it Melbourne!! Enjoy yourselves, go see a band. This is a good time to be part of the music scene. Thanks heaps to DTS Hates You and Everguide for putting the party together!

On a very related note, Martin K did a new radio interview for the Syn FM show The Hoist in Melbourne one day before the gig, talking about all sorts of things (including gig related). You can listen to the 10 minutes long interview here:

Also, check out the Top Fives interview we did for Everguide prior to that gig.




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