iubar project’s collaborative single ‘Nowy’ is out now

  • What could happen if you sample voices of young kids playing & discovering the world?
  • What could happen if you remotely collaborate with previously unknown musicians to remix those recordings? How would those musicians respond?

Nowy means a ‘new one’ in Polish and this single is a celebration of kids’ voices and their approach to novelty. Those untrained voices are great at expressing the joy of discovering new things. Novelty is frequent in kids’ lives and kids are great at being fully absorbed in this newness.

This release is the fruit of remote music collaboration between musicians who had no face-to-face contact and were located on 2 continents and in 4 countries. The collaborative process took place in ‘the cloud’ with the use of the Blend platform which facilitated the remixing and exchanges of musical ideas.

Participants included Monochrome Echo from England, Brended James from Australia and Aammiioo from Croatia. Included is also a remix created by iubar’s Martin K under his KOshowKO moniker.

While the original guitar, field recordings and synth driven piece has been re-imaged quite differently by each of the collaborators, the recordings of kids voices (captured by Martin K in Australia and New Zealand) and guitar drones (recorded by Jarek B in Poland) provide a common sonic denominator to all of the tracks on offer.

The KOshowKO remix is a guitar riff driven and catchy affair with a strong electro element. Here the original atmospheric guitar takes have been resampled and transformed into a rockabilly-like lines. Brenden James’ remix takes the listener on an evocative tropical electro-pop-rock journey while Monochrome Echo explores the mesmerising jazzy-ambient and post-rock ground. Aammiioo closes the release with an expansive and groovy ambient remix.



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