Now You’re Talking Baby (Yellofier app demo)

iOS Music apps are a lot of fun. Finally there’s immediacy while working with software, something what’s much harder to find in standalone music applications.

I recently played with an app called Yellofier, co-designed by Boris Blank from the iconic Swiss electronic duo Yello. And below you can find a demo track created purely with the app –  written and produced on an iPad and featuring vocals of 13 months old Olivia Milla and Yellofier’s samples.

I grew up on Yello’s music and it’s been also a huge inspiration when working on various Philosophy Of Sound and Koshowko tracks in the past.

Yellofier is a 4 track pattern sequencer and working with the app was so much fun as it feels extremely intuitive. Apart from being a good creative tool, Yellofier is also very good at engaging the right side of the brain which is best at expressive and creative tasks. That’s my little theory anyway…



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