Article on remote music collaboration and production of ‘The Giver’ published in IASPM@Journal

Just before Xmas, I published an article in what appears to be the first ever special issue of a popular music journal presenting new musical creations as research, using sound to explore new research ideas.

In the article, I document and analyse my collaborative process of using Ohm Studio while producing the track titled ‘The Giver’. Aptly, it was also an Xmas tune like no other created with no face to face contact by 4 musicians located in Australia, Poland, Italy and the U.S.

The paper is available in the open access journal of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM) and can be accessed for free here, alongside audio files documenting various stages of the song production.

Copies of the PDF are also available on my Research Gate and Academia profiles and the final outcome (a 2-track single) can be heard on Bandcamp and Spotify:

A screenshot from the collaborative session in Ohm Studio can be seen above.



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