KOshowKO – ‘It’s Time Now’ EP – out now on Emerald & Doreen

The story of ‘It’s Time Now’ goes back quite a few years, all the way to 2003 when I composed and produced the first demo of the track and sang the words ‘crying hard’ into a vocoder. Later that year I performed the instrumental version of this track for the first time live in Melbourne. (To hear this and more historical recordings head over to the ‘rarities’ playlist on soundcloud.com/koshowko/sets/rarities). In 2004 I met the Swiss vocalist Florence Etelka, who was travelling in Australia at the time and they recorded her haunting vocals in my home studio, a recording which you can now hear across all the tracks on this EP.

For the next couple of years I got busy with releasing other KOshowKO material but in 2007 teamed up with Whitebait with whom I co-produced a new version of ‘It’s Time Now’, although the biggest production credit goes to him for that new version. The radio edit complemented by a music video was released in 2008 as one of the tracks on KOshowKO’s EP ‘Anarchy Monarchy’.
Fast forward to early 2014 and Emerald and Doreen records puts out a previously unreleased vintage Dance Logic Remix of ‘It’s Time Now’ on their very first compilation album ‘Emerald Waves’ alongside tracks by such artists as Skatebård, Ajello, Ali Renault and The Beat Broker.
The new ‘It’s Time Now’ EP put together for Emerald And Doreen in 2014 includes the extended vocal and instrumental versions based on the radio edit as well as a selection of brand new remixes. On this release, I also wear my Philosophy Of Sound hat and deliver a funky nu-disco take on the track. Artists that I’ve been admiring for a long time also deliver their remixes here in the form of a retro styled dance floor burner by @IrregularDiscoWorkers as well as a charming late night affair delivered by @MarbeyaSound. The package also includes a dub remix by Boccaccio who takes the track in yet another exciting direction.
So come with us on this musical journey of several meticulously crafted tracks, as it is indeed the time now – maybe forever!

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