KOshowKO – Whispers (Remixes) – new single out now on Emerald & Doreen

The story of ‘Whispers’ goes back quite a few years, all the way to 2006 when Martin K composed the track with Ceri Hale, who played with him in KOshowKO at that time. Lyrically the song represents concern for the affairs of the world, and yet offers some hopeful consolation as well as a call for action.
Martin invited Arnie Chelvendra to perform the soulful vocals for the track. Arnie subsequently became KOshowKO’s vocalist for two years, and played a series of live gigs in Germany and Australia for the act. In 2007 the first version of the track was released, titled ‘Whispers And Stories’ as a B-side on KOshowKO’s debut single ‘Promise’. One year later the track was re-arranged and re-titled as ‘Whispers’ and in a new version appeared on KOshowKO’s first EP ‘Anarchy Monarchy’ in 2008: https://philosophyofsound.bandcamp.com/album/anarchy-monarchy

Fast-forward to 2015 and a group of young Australian producers are busy remixing the track, which became the premise of this ‘Whispers – Remixes’ single. The opener by Luca Baci can be described as a deep melodic dance groove derived from the producer’s love for a laid back progressive style of music. Next we have Joseph Moorhouse, who delivers a sleek, contemporary production inspired by the likes of Chet Faker. The third offering on the release is an epic, guitar driven remix by Nick Rakers bringing to the fore Arnie’s emotive vocal talent. The fourth remix is by Josh Walker, who fuses the horn section with an infectious hip-hop inspired groove. The closing touch belongs to Coyle, who delivers perhaps the most unusual take on the track, embracing the original undertone of the reggae track while adding flavors of raw instrumentation.



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