Watch my discussion on online music collaboration with Rebekah Wilson (Source Elements)

In late May, I had the pleasure of organising an interview with Rebekah Wilson for my educational portal Music Collaboration Online. Rebekah Wilson is a researcher & composer for networked music performance. She is also the co-founder and technical director of Source Elements. Rebekah performs, researches and teaches in the field of Networked Music Performance at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague.

During the interview we’ve discussed various issues related to online music collaboration and networked music performance, such as:

  • Rebekah’s entry into the field on online music collaboration and how she co-founded Source Elements.
  • The explosion of interest in the area of online music collaboration due to Covid-19 restrictions and the impact of this interest on companies that create collaborative software.
  • Properties of networked performance and emergence of new approaches to music performance, influenced by the technology.
  • The notion of latency and how it affects networked performances. For example, did you know that musicians have to deal with at least 6 types of latencies when performing online?
  • Performative relationships.
  • Biggest changes in this area in recent years and what does it mean to become latency-native.

The interview was live streamed to Facebook, YouTube and Twitch and you can watch the replay below.

Rebekah Wilson’s links:

Music Collaboration Online links:
Private Facebook Group:

Have you tried this mode of work before? I would love to hear your stories and experiences concerning online music collaboration. You can comment below or contact me via this form.



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