Award for Best Music in the Shoot 4 Earth Global Film Competition + screening in Cannes

I’m excited to announce that I won an award for Best Music in the Shoot 4 Earth Global Film Competition. The event originated in Hungary and is the world’s biggest short film-making competition aiming to raise awareness of global environmental issues.

The awarded music was created under my guise of iubar project and it was featured in the short film titled ‘Earth‘, shot and directed by Max Schleser. The award was announced in late April. Further to that, for the first time, the winners of the Shoot4Earth Film Marathon were shown in Cannes on July 13 at the International Cellphone Cinema Showcase, in conjunction with the Marche du Film, a collection of Award Winner shorts from Mobile Phone Festivals from around the world.

iubar project’s music explores story-driven ambience, featuring field recordings, mobile technologies, and utilising a mix of analogue and digital instrumentation. One of iubar tracks ‘Empathy in Action‘ which was featured in the short film ‘Earth‘, has been also released on a compilation album Distance: Sounds for an Empty Space by the legendary Australian electronic music collective – Clan Analogue.



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